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          Graduating students throwing caps in the air

          A dynamic hub that centralizes key services in support of the academic effort on campus, including Academic Advising, Learning & Accessibility 服务, and the 注册处处长的办公室.

          Students walking outside在学术咨询办公室(AAO)提供了通过毕业学生从一年级注册学术指导和支持。整个学院有教职员工的学术顾问的合作伙伴,以促进学生的成功,使学生作出明智的学术选择,倡导为学生导航学术挑战。

          Students leaving Edman Chapel该登记处的办公室负责监督每年的大学的目录,当然调度,课堂作业,学生注册,学生记录/数据库维护,和评估的完成度的发展。我们的目标是为客户提供及时,准确,个性化的服务,以当前和以前的学生,教师和工作人员。

          Students talking on Blanchard lawn in autumn

          Learning & Accessibility 服务 (LAS) enhances student learning through one-on-one meetings and seminars, and provides resources for students with learning, physical, or mental health needs that impact their academic life. Our team focuses on helping students develop new learning strategies and build on existing academic skills.

          Two students working together at a computer



          学术和机构的技术 - icon of a laptop



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